NEW YORK, NY — June 8, 2022 — New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) is pleased to announce that it will officially co-host 14 films by women and BIPOC creators at the 2022 Tribeca Festival. The festival takes place June 8–19, 2022, both virtually and in-person in New York City.

The projects span four categories and speak to the heart of NYWIFT’s mission of advocacy for inclusion, diversity, and equity across the media landscape. Tackling topics including assisted suicide, reproductive rights, space travel, drug addiction, Hollywood exploitation, climate change, immigrant narratives, religion, body image, the war in Ukraine, women’s equality, and more, the films showcase NYWIFT’s commitment to advocacy and the furthering of media as a vessel for positive social change.

“The Tribeca Festival has been a pivotal force in the New York City entertainment community, particularly during times of crisis. We are thrilled to partner with the festival this year to co-host these wonderful projects — each one made during a global pandemic and social upheaval — and celebrate women and BIPOC creators who are bringing smart, entertaining, and engaging work to the screen,” said NYWIFT Executive Director Cynthia Lopez.

“NYWIFT’s thriving network of female creators is a major force in the local film landscape, and the Tribeca Festival is thrilled to co-host film selections that include its membership,” said Tribeca Festival Senior Programmer Lucy Mukerjee. “As this year’s filmmakers prepare to launch their work, this is a call to NYWIFT members to use the Festival as a place to catch up, support one another, and plan future collaborations.”

NYWIFT previously announced that a remarkable 32 projects from 34 NYWIFT members have been officially selected for the festival. NYWIFT will co-host six of those films: the CNN and HBO Max opioid crime documentary American Pain (Executive Producer Amy Entelis and Producer Carolyn Hepburn); Body Parts (Executive Producer Ruth Ann Harnisch), an eye-opening investigation into the making of Hollywood sex scenes; Endangered (Directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady), a sobering look at the erosion of democracy & freedom of the press; the HBO documentary Katrina Babies (Producer Audrey Rosenberg and Executive Producers Eileen Tavarez and Jess Jacobs), first-person account of the short-term and long-term devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina; Land of Gold (Co-Producer Rose Harwood), in which a first-generation Punjabi truck driver races to help an undocumented Mexican American girl find her family; and My Name is Andrea (Executive Producer Ruth Ann Harnisch), a rousing portrait of feminist writer Andrea Dworkin.

Learn more about co-hosted films and ticketing information at

And learn more about the 33 NYWIFT member projects at

Originally published at on June 8, 2022.



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